How To Stream Live Football Matches On Android For Free

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How To Stream Live Football Matches On Android For Free

Complete Step By Step Instructions On How To How To Stream Live Football Matches On Android For Free

how to stream live football matches on android
Live Football TV

Streaming live football matches on one's mobile phone is obviously the concept that most football lovers do make enquiries about and look up to one or two ways that will let them stream their favorite football matches on their mobile phone without any form of stress.

Today, I will be revealing another simple way to watch your favorite football matches on your mobile phone and at the comfort of anywhere of your choice.

You will noticed that I tagged this guide as another means of streaming your favorite football matches on your mobile phone and this is because, I have previously published a detailed guide on how to watch your favorite football matches on your mobile phone via an app called navscore, which is still working smoothly for those that have access to it before the recent restriction.

You might be wondering why the needs for an alternative when the previous method is still active and working smoothly, t his is because of the recently imposed restriction on the said navscore registration.

The imposed restriction was as a result of traffic regulation on the app to enable the existing members to have uninterrupted access to the app and have better user experience.

On this note, if you have come across our previous article on how to watch live football matches on your mobile phone and you are unable to complete your registration on the app due to the fact that the registration has closed at the moment, then worry no more as another alternative is here to serve you with the same purpose.

Without further ado, let's dive into the detailed steps on how to stream live football matches on Android phone.


1. Considerably strong internet connection to use the app without interruption.

2.Football TV app. The link to download the app will be provided in the later part of this article.

3. Few moments to read the instructions below.

How To Stream Live Football Matches On Your Mobile Phone

1. Make sure you have a considerable strong internet connection with active data.

2. Now, click here to download football TV app from our telegram channel.

3. Now that you have download the app, install it and follow the step 4 and 5 below.

4. Take note of the time at which the match you intend to watch on your mobile phone will be taking place.

5. Make sure you know the right category where the match belongs to. Below are the categories that are available on the app;

I. UEFA Nation League.

II. UEFA Europa Qualifier.

III. World Cup Qualifier.

IV. Italian Serie A.

V. France League.

VI. UEFA Champions League.

VII. UEFA Europa League.

VIII. International Friendlies.



XI. Premier League.

XII. UEFA Super Cup.




XVI. FA Community Shield.




6. Once you know the time at which the match will kick started as well as the right category, just follow the step 7 below.

7. Wait for the match to kick started.

8. Now Open your football TV app and click on the right category, where the match belongs.

9. Open it and wait for some seconds for the app to fetch the available channel.

10. Enjoy!

Things To Take Note;

1. Always make sure that your internet connection is considerably strong.

2. Do not open the wrong category where match isn't scheduled.

3. Do not open the app when the time for the match hasn't arrived.

4. Above are all you need to know on how to stream live football matches on android. should you have any question or need support after reading this guide, drop it in the comments section below and get a very quick response.


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  1. Good day...

    I just downloaded Football TV app; but not installed when I tried to install it.

    Kindly help...

    1. Free some space on your phone and try again.


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