Glo WTF Social Bundle - How To Activate 500MB With N100

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Glo WTF Social Bundle - How To Activate 500MB With N100

 Glo WTF Social Bundle - How To Get 500MB For N100 On Glo


Glo WTF Social Bundle

Glo WTF social bundle is data plan that is specially designed for all Glo customers that love using most of their time on social media, this are the individuals that we can referred to as a social media lovers, and in a bid to let let you spend loss and use more moment on your favorite social media apps, Glo has added a new data plan, which is known as WTF social bundle.

The Glo WTF social bundle works in the same way as that of the Airtel social bundle, which also allows Airtel users to activate a whooping sum 500MB with just N100.

The only different between the Airtel social bundle and the Glo WTF social bundle is just that the Airtel social bundle is sim selective while the Glo social bundle to be discussed in this guide is accessible to all Glo users, either new or existing customers.

The Glo WTF social bundle also allows you to activate plans with lower price, depending on your schedule/what you can afford. Other data plans that are available includes;

1.100MB For N25, Data valid for 24hrs.

2. 200MB for N50, Data valid for 7days.

Note that you can follow the same process bellow to activate all WTF social bundle plans, just choose the right option that corresponds with your aim, when you get to the final step.

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Requirements for Glo WTF Social Bundle

1. Your Glo sim card, be it new or old.

2. Airtime equivalent to the data plan you intend to purchase.

3. Few moments to read and follow the instructions below.

How To Activate Glo 500MB For N100 (Glo WTF Social Bundle)

1. Recharge your Glo sim card with N100, the recharge can be by any means, just make sure you have minimum of N100 on your airtime balance.

2. Now, dial *777# and you will be redirected to the main menu option.

3. Reply with 1 to select to select data plans and reply with 1 again to select buy data plans.

4. You will be asked if you want the data to auto-renew or not.

5. Enter 1 if want auto-renew and 2 if you want one off purchase.

6. Now, enter 6 to select special data offer and reply with 1 again to select special plans and finally, you are at your final destination!

7. Now, enter 1 to select WTF social bundles.

8. Then choose the third option to select the 500MB for N100 data plan.

Other Things You Should Know About The Glo WTF social bundles;

1. It's social bundle data plan and this implies that, it can't be used outside social media platforms.

2. It works for WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

3. It is valid until 30th day of its activation.


We have provide a detailed guide on how to make this article works on all apps and enjoy surfing the internet at a relatively low cost. Click here to learn more and see how to make the Glo WTF social bundle plan work on all apps.


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