How To Activate The Latest MTN Unlimited Free Data And Airtime Cheat - September 2020

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How To Activate The Latest MTN Unlimited Free Data And Airtime Cheat - September 2020

How To Activate Latest MTN Unlimited Free Airtime And Data Cheat For September 2020

How To Activate The Latest MTN Unlimited Free Data And Airtime Cheat
MTN unlimited data and airtime cheat

Here is the complete step by step guide on how to activate the latest MTN unlimited free data and airtime cheat and enjoy free internet access and free calls to all Networks at the same time.

The cheat to be revealed in this guide today, has been working for a while but i decided to share it with you guys today as it's still working smoothly without any interruption, that's if you follow the instructions to be provided in this article arcordingly

The amazing part of this cheat is that, you will be able to accumulate both airtime and data at the same time, so be it you're the type that spend most time on calls or the type that spent most time on the internet, you will surely get what you need.

If you didn't forget, I recently share a detailed guide with you on how to get free data and Airtime on MTN, which doesn't have limit but completely depends on your choice and the method is still working till this present moment.

The fact that the Cheat cited in the line above is still working is what brings about the cheat to be discussed in this article as we will be using the same method but in different dimension as recycling is involved in the method to be shared today.

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Without futher ado, pay attention and let's dive into the detailed information on how to get the unlimited data and airtime on your MTN Sim card.

Requirements For MTN Unlimited Free Data And Airtime Cheat

Below are all you needs to have, before being eligible to enjoy this unlimited free data and airtime cheat;

1. A brand new MTN Sim card. reason being that MTN yafun yafun tariff plan is required in this article, and it's a default tariff plan which always come with a newly registered sim card.

This implies that if you also have a new sim card that isn't up to 3months and you haven't migrated to another tariff plan outside the default one(yafun yafun), then you can use it as well.

Should you need more information about the yafun yafun tariff plan, you can click here to learn one or two things about the plan, the attached benefits and some goodies for MTN customers using the plan.

2. Airtime Recharge of N1,200. We will be using it to recycle our data and Airtime bonus.

3. Internet connection that is Considerably strong.

4. Few moments to read and understand the instructions to be provided in this article.

Recycled balance

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Data And Airtime Cheat

Kindly read through the Instructions below carefully and avoid skipping any line to get the instructions right before going ahead to implement it.

1. Get a newly registered MTN Sim card, it will come with the MTN yafun yafun tariff plan. If you have a sim card that you register at recent and haven't migrated to another tariff plan, then proceed to the second step.

2. Now, recharge your newly registered MTN Sim card with N1,200.

3. Upon recharging your line with N1,200, you will be given a whopping sum of  N6,000 airtime and 2.5GB worth of data while your main N1,200 will still remain intact in your airtime balance.

4. It's time to recycle and get free N6,000 and 2.5GB over and over again with your initial N1,200.

Betpawa Registration Page

5. Now, click here to go to betpawa website registration page.

6. Now Register with your new MTN Sim card that have the N1,200 recharge card.

7. Login and you will see deposit option from the menu of the website, click on it, select MTN as your network carrier.

8. Now enter N1,200 as the amount to deposit and they will deduct 10% as transaction fee and deposit the remaining amount to your balance.

• The reason why were using N1,200 is because, the minimum amount you can withdraw from betpawa is N1000 and with 1,200, you should have N1,000 after all charges and other transactions.

8. Now that the money in your betpawa Account, play a game of N10(Ten Naira) and make sure you win. if you loose in the first time, play again till you win something.

9. Now that you have play and win, Click on the menu bar of the website and select withdraw.

10. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw, it must not be lesser than N1,000 and must me lesser or equal to the amoy in your betpawa balance.

11. They will ask for your account details, Enter it but the money will enter your sim card that you used to register on betpawa as a new top up.

12. Wait for like three hours (3hrs) and the money will enter your sim card as new top up giving you another N5,000 to N6,000 airtime and 2.5GB worth of data.

13. Now keep recycling by repeating the steps above and your data and Airtime will keep increasing till you're tired.

That's all you need to know on how to activate the latest MTN unlimited free data and airtime.

Take note!

• You must play a game and win before you Withdraw from betpawa.

• If you didn't play a game before withdrawal, your account will be suspended and your account is gone forever in that case, this implies that you will need another sim card to use the cheat.

• What is my account balance fall below N1,000? Just top it up and continue.


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  1. So I must have 10 selections in the game

  2. What I don't understand is can i be repeating d step everyday with d money in my account balance & be getting d data

    1. Yes, it's stated clearly in the article, just read it carefully.

  3. is this Mtn data trick still working bacause i tried doing it today and i was only given 300mb on my rechage and same when i withdarw from betpawa. i need to know if it still works and solution of available

    1. Still working.

      You might be on other tariff plan different from Yafun yafun.

  4. Betpaga is not sending me code I don't know why?

    1. Try again and Make sure the number is correct


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