How To Make $10 To $100 Every Week Taking Surveys On Eureka

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How To Make $10 To $100 Every Week Taking Surveys On Eureka

Eurekasurveys Review - Complete Step By step Guide On How To Be Making Up To $100 Per Week On Eureka

Eurekasurveys as it's name implies is a survey website where you can exchange your opinion for cash and get paid directly to your PayPal account without delay.

Today, I will be giving you the detailed information on how Eurekasurveys works and all you need to know about the the website. What you're going to have access to in this article is not limited to how it works only, but as well as detailed instructions on how you can enjoy the opportunity to it's full length and maximize your income with little effort.

I sometimes create a detailed guide on how to make money online taking Surveys on surveytime, which pays up to $1 per Survey and the payment will be sent to you immediately you complete each Surveys, which implies that you are no accumulating on the website before withdrawal, but getting paid directly to your PayPal account after each Surveys. You can click here to learn more about the surveytime and how it works.

In this article, I will be revealing another way to make money taking Surveys online just as we did with zap Surveys, which pays up to $50 per week or less, you can click here to learn more about zap Surveys as many individuals are still enjoying it till the present moment.

I create a poll some days ago via our WhatsApp Channels and the poll clearly shows that many Individuals are in need of what could be fetching them, cool cash on a daily basis and this is the fact that prompt me to create this complete guide.

If you have been looking for way to make money online with little effort, then this is the great feat as I am also going to give you hints to make the process a very easier one for you.

But wait!

As I have mentioned in the heading of this guide, you could be making $10 to $100 with this guide, it's now left to you to choose how much you want to be making.

If you have been rushing before, it's time to calm down and read any aspect of this guide word to word, as that is the only way you can grab the concept of the guide.

Now, let's go!

 How Did Eurekasurveys Works?

As I have mentioned above, the ways you can be making money on Eurekasurveys is limited to only paid surveys, it's either survey or nothing.

You might be wondering how you are going to cope with the fact that you are not used to taking online surveys, but don't worry, we have gat you covered in this guide. With the piece of information to be provided in this article, you should be able to take the surveys without any issue. That's if you read carefully!

Without futher ado, lets dive into the detailed guide on how to register on Eurekasurveys

Requirements For Making Money On Eureka Surveys

1. A Desktop/Pc with internet connection. You're using an Android phone right? Don't panic, Click here to see how you can switch to desktop mode on your mobile phone. This implies that you can also take the survey with your Android phone.

2. A valid PayPal account. Click here for detailed information on how to create a valid PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria.

3. A VPN.

Download Gecko VPN here.

• Download Yoga VPN here.

• Download Go VPN here.

You can use any of the VPN above, just choose one and if you have anyone or know anyone before, you good to go with it.

4. Adequate attention to Read everything on this page carefully.

How To Register On Eureka Surveys

• Connect your desired VPN to USA.

• Change your phone to desktop mode if you're using phone.

• Now click here to visit eureka Surveys  website (eurekasurveys.com) and sign up using your email address.

• Do the necessary confirmation and you will be redirected to your Dashboard.

• On getting to your dashboard, you will see a button to click to begin a survey, click on the button and explore.

Qualification 01

How To Take Surveys And Make Money Via Eurekasurveys

This is where many Individuals seems to have some challenges, but with this guide, you are going to know some basics involved in enjoying taking Surveys.

1. Qualification Questions:

This are the questions that will be used to determine if you're eligible to take a survey or not, if you didn't forget, I told you that this website pays you for your opinion, but the website we are talking about itself ain't the one that needs your opinion.

They only served as middle man and different companies do give you the study randomly, this implies that each Surveys has its target audience and you will be screened to know if you are a great feat for the survey or not.

For example, let say the particular Survey is from a snacks company and they are willing to improve the quality of their products, then, they must be looking for someone that constantly consume the snacks as he's go to know what it possess and what it lacks.

• If you're asked if you or anyone in your household is working in any listed company as shown in the picture above, always choose non of the above. Take note.

Qualification question 02

• As o have explained earlier, if you see any question that ask if you have purchased a product in the past 3months, 6months or 12months, Always pick all element in the question except non of the above.

Reason being that, the product in which they want to ask about is included in the list and if you pick some and leave some, it might be the one you need that you left, by picking all, it will enable you to qualify.

• Be smart with your answers and always apply rational thinking, you will be fine.

Quality check

2. Quality Control:

This are the target questions that can be refered to as trap, it's purposely to screen out those that ain't paying attention to the survey and probably selecting the answers at random. If you fail this question, you will be disqualified from the survey Even if you have reached 99% of its completion.

Quality check 02

• According to the picture above, you must choose agree somewhat for that particular question and if you choose anything different you will be disqualified.

Another scenario is the one below;

You might be taking a survey that has some lengthy text, so they will give you a lengthy text but behold, if you skip a line, its disqualification.

"E.g; You're walking with friends and have some drinks. You drink leaving, your friend accidentally bumps into a woman who is drinking with another group.
The woman starts cussing at your friend. Next thing you know, your friends are fighting with the other group. Are you reading and paying attention to the questions? If so, we want you to leave this question blank.
Yes, that is right, to show you are reading, please just skip to the next page without answering this question. The sentence for fighting is probation. If you jump in, the chance of being arrested is 5%.

enough to feel drunk. As you are

Is it worth the risk to jump into the fight with your friends?".

Quality check
Text sample

Now if you you're rushing through the survey, you won't know what's wrong with the question and it's a quality check, they want you to leave it blank so they can be sure that you're truly reading and not just selecting answers at random.

• Do not rush though Surveys and don't be slow. Be smart.

3. Profiling;

Always use age of 35 and above.

Your country Must be United States.

Relationship status should be married.

Profession should be IT

You should always use two children under the age of 18.

With all this, you shouldn't have any problem taking Surveys and making money with Eurekasurveys.

Disqualification Page

4. Disqualification Control:

I have decided to add this as a result of many individuals getting how this works wrong, and this is mostly as a result of the fact that they rush through the guide and thereby omitting the facts they supposed to have grabbed.

If you carefully read this guide from the beginning to the end, I do mentioned the disqualification issue and tagged it as normal thing you should expect while taking any kind of survey.

Once you are redirected to the disqualification page on eureka, you do not need to panic for any reason, just keep on pressing the continue button till you are qualified for one.

As you can see that the picture shown above consists of two buttons, which are; Continue and No Thanks.

> Only click on the No Thanks button when you have press the Continue button for some times and it seems to be bringing the same result.

What Will Happen If I Keep Pressing The No Thanks Button?

This is a very good question, pressing the No Thanks button many times will affect the health rating of your account and thereby giving you a very little chance to qualify for other surveys.

Does This Implies That I Must Not Press The No Thanks Button?

No! You can press it, but do not let it be often, you can close the tab instead.

How To Withdraw from Eurekasurveys

To Withdraw from Eurekasurveys, you need to accumulate your earnings up to a minimum of $10 and this shouldn't take you long if you take it serious.

• Once you have the minimum of $10, Click on the balance and a withdrawal form will pop up.

Withdrawal form

• Now, enter your PayPal email address and click on the cash out button.

• Upon Clicking on the cash out button, you will get a notification telling you about the withdrawal status.

Email alart

• If the notification says you payment will be sent shortly, then check you email immediatetly, your cash out should have entered your PayPal.

• If it days, three days, then you have to wait for three days before expecting your payment.

Payment alart

How Long Will It Takes To Reach The Minimum Withdrawal Of $10

This completely depends on your commitment, the more you take it serious the more you earn, if you understand the rules and take it seriously you could be making the $10 a day or two outside weekends.
switch to desktop mode

Why Did I Get An Error Message While Trying To Open Eurekasurveys Website?

As shown in the picture above, it has been stated in the earlier section of this guide, that the eurekasurveys website is not compatible with mobile and that is the reason why I have said you should read the detailed guide on how to use desktop mode on your mobile browser.

So, if you receive any error message related to the one shown in the picture above, two things are involved;

1. It is either you have not switch to desktop mode  before trying to access the website. Solution: Switch to the desktop mode.


2. You have previously switch to the desktop mode but your browser reverse the action. Solution: Switch to the desktop mode again.

Things To Take Note:

• You Must Connect your VPN to USA.

• You Must not Open the website without Connecting Your VPN.

• Always keep your eyes opened on the VPN, and if it should disconnect automatically, just Minimize the survey, connect the VPN again and continue.

• You should know that disqualification is part of Surveys, you can't do without it, in fact, you might be disqualified multiple times before one qualification.

• Make sure you read this post carefully, if you have rushed through it, just go back and read carefully.

• You must must answer open end question carefully. This are the survey questions that needs you to say something by typing, you must type something that is inline with the discussion.

Ip checker

• Always check if your IP is black listed before entering the eureka website.

You can check that by visiting whoer.net after which you have Connect your VPN. Then check it's status, it must be NO as shown in the picture above.

If it's No then you're good to go, but if it's yes, uninstall the VPN and Download another one.

• Should you have any question or need support after reading this, use the comments box below and get quick response.


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Thanks for reading and sharing!!!

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  1. are we using nigerias zip code or usa zip code

    1. It must be USA zip code!

      You can use;
      10001 or
      10002 or
      10003 or
      10004 or
      For New York City

  2. Please, the household income, what can we choose?
    The ethnicity too, I choose African American and also Hispanic and employment status

    1. Income threshold should be $150,000 and above for annual

      Ethnicity: White/cucasian

      Employment: full time (30hours or more per week)

    2. They also asked about job title. Like if CEO

    3. How many employees in the organisation can we choose?

      What department can we also choose? Is it IT hardware or software?

    4. Can we choose owned apartment or rented?

    5. What politics can we choose? Democrat or Republican?

    6. House: Owned, Education: Post degree, other information: Choose the one you think bit makes sense with the other backgrounds.

  3. Please what should be our date of birth

    1. Check the profiling section of the article, the supposed age has been stated already.


    1. If your DNS has changed to USA and the blacklist still remains NO, then use it like that.

  5. Oladimeji

    This is another bombshell and valuable tip just like the How to open a PayPal account that can send and withdraw money in Nigeria.
    I have tried the PayPal method out and it works wonder. In fact, I have linked my Africard with my PayPal account and I am now expecting transfer to my PayPal account from my Freelance website.

    God bless you greatly for sharing this information for free unlike some guys out there who will demand payment and won't even deliver as promised after paying them.

    I will try this survey system out again believing that it will work.

    Please kindly drop your personal email address as I still need some guides on how to move my online business forward. My email address is [email protected]

    Once again, the Almighty God will continue to promote you in all your endeavours.

    Thank you

    1. Ameen 🙏

      You can always refer to our contact us page to reach us directly any day, any time.

      You're doing well!

  6. For the past 2 days now it keep displaying the same survey which they always disqualify me..
    I am tired

    1. Keep clicking on continue till you're qualified for any.

      I talked about this towards the end of the post.

  7. Please help a brother sir, how much is dollar converted to
    naira 🙏

    1. Dollar price is not static and the price will depend on the source you intend to use to convert it.

      as at today October 7, $1 is equivalent to N385 officially. but, if you are selling it to a buyer, they have the right to give you their own rate.

      hope you grab the concept?

  8. I haven't gotten any new survey but sweepstakes . Is that how it works.

    1. login and check your dashboard, surveys are always available

  9. I need to why I am having cent no more dollars

  10. Please when asked exact date of birth with MM/DD/YY, no matter how i write it it tells me to enter a valid date, I've tried e.g 05/03/1985, 5/3/1985 and May 3rd 1985

    1. If the instructions says, MM/DD/YY , you should not have problem with the first, formation.

      read the instructions carefully, they might be asking for something else E.g. exact number of year.

  11. My account is not logging in, it has been showing error, and am having 9 USD on it, and have try logging it.

    1. Check your internet connection and try again!

    2. When I try signing in a magic link is sent by i never receive the link in my link, so I cant login

    3. Hi Razeb! check your email again, refresh and try again.

  12. Thanks for this ...I was able to withdraw 10 dollar into PayPal account ....but pls can I link standard charter bank to my PayPal and also is it compulsory for my name on PayPal to be d same with my bank


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