How To Earn N2000 Per Referral Via Standard Chartered Bank Referral Program

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How To Earn N2000 Per Referral Via Standard Chartered Bank Referral Program

How Get N2000 Per Referral With Standard Chartered Bank Referral Program And Accumulate

How To Get N2000 per referral via standard chartered Bank referal program
SCB Referal Program

Standard Chartered Bank Referral Program is another opportunity to refer friends and earn cool cash in return, which can be withdrawn directly to your Nigeria bank account without any form of limitations.

Honestly, this is going to be the biggest opportunity ever, to make money online without the need to pay for registration fee or any activation fee, its absolutely free.

I called it the biggest opportunity and it's obvious, cause you will rarely see an app that pays up to N2000 just to refer a friend to download and install the app.

If you have been following is for a while, you will remember that this going to be the second opportunity from this same organization. They are previously giving everyone a sign up bonus of N3000 in which many individuals are able to take it's advantage before it later stop.

Today, I am glad to inform you that the bank is back again with a great mouthwatering offer which is tagged as standard chartered Bank referal program.

Imagine getting a whopping sum of N2000 just to refer a friend to download and install the app, that's a whole sum of N10,000 if you could refer just 5 friends. That's kinda huge.

The amazing part of this offer is that, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, the more you refer, the more N2,000 is accumulated for you. If you could refer 10 people, that's soft N20,000 without having to pay a dime before being eligible for the offer.

Enough of the ado! Let's hot straight to the point so that the appropriate action could be taken immediately, and the point I am talking about I how to get N2,000 per referral via standard chartered Bank referal program.

How To Get N2000 Per Referral With Standard Chartered Bank

This can be done in just three steps and they are listed below:

1. Download standard chartered Bank (SCB) app and Register following the instructions to be provided in this article.

2. Verify your account.

3. Copy your referral code and share with friends.

Now, let's pick the steps on after the other

How To Register On Standard Chartered Bank

1. Copy this code 400033347 it's your invitation/referal code. That's the code you will paste to any space provided for referal code during your registration

2. Now Click here to download the standard chartered Bank app from play store.

3. Click on open account and the registration form will be displayed to you.

4. Enter your BVN number, don't panic, your BVN number is very safe. standard chartered Bank is a bank just as your local banks and they are 100% trusted.

5. An OTP will be sent to the number attached to the BVN provided, Check your message box and enter the OTP to continue.

6. Update your contact details where required and if it has been displayed to you automatically, just cross check and proceed.

7. Take selfie of yourself, upload your valid ID card and signature.

8. Enter 400033347 in any space provided for referal code.

9. Now cross check the details you have provided and accept the terms and conditions.

10. Submit your request and wait for your account to be ready.

Incase you're unable to complete your registration at a go, provisional registration details will be communicated to you via your email and phone after some minutes. Just follow the instructions to complete the registration.

11. Once you're able to login to your account and see your account number on your Dashboard, that means your account is ready.

Now that you have successfully created your account, the next thing is to do transaction to verify the account.

How To Verify Your Standard Chartered Bank Account

This is very similar and you will be done in just few minutes.

1. Copy your SCB Account number from your Dashboard or just write it to somewhere if you can't copy it directly.

2. Now transfer N500 to N1000 to the SCB Account. You can transfer this money back to your account immediately.

Recommendation: Transfer N1000 to the account and transfer N500 back to your local bank account. Then after which you have received your first referal bonus, you can withdraw the remaining N500.

Incase you need the money for another purpose, there is no harm in withdrawing it, just left like N100 to the standard chartered Bank account (SCB).

3. You will see a button about Debit Card, Click on the button and request for a debit card.

Boom! Your account is ready to receive the referral incentives.

Refer and earn N2000 per referral
Refer And Earn N2000

How To Refer Friends On Standard Chartered Bank And Get The Referal Bonus

Follow the instructions below to start referring Friends and accumulate as much N2000 as possible.

1. Open your SC mobile app and login.

2. Click on the menu bar, which now the three white lines at the top left corner of the app.

3. Once you click on the menu bar as described above, check the bottom and you will see a white space where refer friends and family is written.

4. Click on the refer family and friends button and you with see your personal referal code.

5. Ask your referral to download the app and Register with your referral code. Note that the code you will use as your referral code during your own registration is 400033347

6. Tell them to verify their account by performing transaction and requesting for debit card as explained above.

7. Wait for 5days for your referrals to be verified and your account will be credited with N2000 per person. At this time, if you have referred 10 people so far, N20,000 will be sent to your SCB Account.

How To Withdraw Your Referal Earnings

Follow the steps below to withdraw your money as soon as you received it.

1. Open your SC mobile app and login.

2. Click on the menu bar and select local transfer from SCB to other banks.

3. Fill in your details and confirm the transaction.

4. The money will be sent to your account in no time.

Things To Take Note:

1. You Must verify your account by performing transaction and requesting for debit card as well as your referrals.

2. Wait for 5days for each Referals to be verified and receive your incentive. The 5days start counting down from the time they complete their registration.

3. You can refer as many as possible. No limit!

4. If you're an existing member, you don't need to go through the registration steps again, just login, copy your link and refer.

5. Did you have any question unanswered? If yes, drop them in the comments section and you will get the appropriate response in a short while.


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  1. How much would be charged to request for the debit card

  2. Can I use my voters card as id card?

    1. But i only have student id and voters card

    2. Student ID card cannot work, try using the voter's card in that case.

  3. Please is the reward instant or you have yo wait for like how many days?

    1. The Time frame has been provided in the article.

  4. Please what about me the exiting user, must i request for the debit card also? Before i refer friends

  5. But I've registered on it before you was the one introduce it to then when we collected 2kplus, can it still work for me? And how can I go about the formal account

    1. If the app is still on your phone, just update it and login.

      If you have uninstalled it, Download it again and login.

      You will select login as an existing user instead of creat account.

      I mentioned it towards the end of the article.

  6. What about the persons being referred... Do they earn anything in return?

    1. Referals should also refer others to earn too.

  7. When i requested for debit card I was sent an otp and after inserting d otp I got d message 'no active card detected' hope it means nothing?

    1. Go and upgrade your account to regular savings first

  8. Will there be a sign up bonus for my referrals?

  9. Must i use id card before i can get the #2000 per referral

    I mean is it by force to upgrade the account

  10. How can I activate my username na password,, becouse up to now i can't not login with my pwd and username

    1. Check your email and Phone sms box for the temporary username and password, then use the temporary details to create a new login details.

    2. Thats where I'm totally lost because all i see is service reference number goes like NG na some numbers behind it, in mail, and my phone sms all i received is OTP. i beg i nd more guide bro.

    3. We're you able to set any login details at the point of registration?


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