How To Activate MTN 1.5GB For N300 And 10MB For N2

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How To Activate MTN 1.5GB For N300 And 10MB For N2

MTN Top Data Deal: How To Activate 1.5GB on MTN With N500, 1GB With N200, 200MB With N50, 4.5GB For N900 And lots more

MTN top deal data
MTN Top Deal Data

MTN top Data deals is a special data offer
from MTN, which allows all customers, both new and existing customers to get huge data at a very cheap price m imagine getting 1GB worth of data with just as little as N200 and lots more as shown in the picture above. That's amazing!

Today, we will be exploring the MTN top deal data lits and see how to enjoy them to their full length. I am going to show you how to Archieve the 1GB with just N100 with just simple logic.

If you didn't forget, I have shared and article on how to become eligible for the MTN welcome back offer which allows you to get 1GB with just N200, but may individuals seems to get stuck in the process and ever since then, we have been trying to bring many corresponding offers in such a way that if one refused to work for you one will.

If you are among those that are not eligible gor the MTN welcome back offer and you're unable to activate your sim card for the offer, then I am glad to have you here today as the offer to be discussed in this article is same or even cheaper than that of the welcome back offer.

Don't worry, if you are wondering why I slightly rate it than that of the welcome back offer, I will show you why without much story. Lol!

But before I proceed, you must know that the MTN Top Data deals is an offer that varies with sim card.

You're asking how?

Yes! I just mentioned varies, it varies in such a way that the offers that are available for mr. A might be different from the offers that are available for Mr. B, but trust me, anyone that is available for you cannot be compared with other data plans.

Without further ado, let's dive into the main thing, which is how to activate MTN top Data deals.

MTN top deal data menu
MTN Top Deal Data Menu

The picture above shows the offers that are available for the sim card we're using in this guide.

How To Activate MTN Top Data Deals


1. Dial *121*1#

2. You will be shown all the data offers that are available for your sim card, now reply with the appropriate number to activate any data plan of your choice.


Reply with 1 to get 1.5GB for N300

Reply with 2 to get 1GB for N200

Reply with 1 to get 10MB for N2

Reply with 1 to  get 200MB for N50.

How To Activate 4.5GB For N900

I guess you might have been searching for the 4.5GB for N900 plan from the list above, but don't stress yourself, we are going to Archieve that by ourselves and this is where the logic that I am talking about comes from. 

This is how we go about it, so far we have 1.5GB for N300 on the list, guess what? Just Subscribe to that plan thrice ND boom! You will be having a whopping sum of 4.5GB with just 900 Naira.

Things To Take Note:

1. The top Deals offer varies per sim, this implies that what is available for me might not be available for you. But anyone that is available for you, just explore it.

2. All data are valid for 7days (1week) except for the 10MB for N2 which is valid for 1day and 200MB for N50 which is valid for 2weeks (14days).

3. The data is normal data and can be used to access all app and websites.

4. If you have any question, drop it in the comments box below and get a quick response.


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