COVID-19 Survey: How To Get N50 Airtime For Free On All Networks

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COVID-19 Survey: How To Get N50 Airtime For Free On All Networks

How to get free N50 airtime via COVID 19 survey
Free N50 Airtime

Here is another details on how you can get free N50 airtime on all networks just to answer one or two logical question on COVID-19.

What do I mean by logical question, logical question are questions that nearly everyone can answer correctly, because they are not technical, they are the question asked based on asumpassum and what you can see with your eyes or what you can provide answer to by just thinking about it in a rational manner.

This implies that these questions doesn't requires being an expert in the area where the question will be asked.

It's no more a breaking news that the said COVID-19 has become threat to the whole world, and now you views are needed on the reasoning around the said virus.

This is also an opportunity to express your view on how Nigeria Gorvernment are handling this issue and you level of understanding on the matter so far.

I knew that you might be thinking that the N50 Airtime is very small, but guess what, you're getting it for free, I mean without loosing anything. And guess what? A half bread is better than none.

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Without wasting much of your time, let's see how to get the so called N50 Airtime

Survey menu
Survey Menu

How To Get N50 Airtime To Provide Little View On Coronavirus

1. Have it at the back of your mind that the questions contains in this survey are not more than just two and they are rational questions which you can even answer while closing your eyes.

2. Now, dial *347*03*03# and a screen as shown above will be displayed to you.

3. Reply with 3 to win awoof credit.

4. Answer the two questions that follows and boom! You will receive your #50 airtime instantly.

That's all, if you have any questions about this offer, just drop in in the comments box below and get response immediately.

Things To Note About This Offer

1. Your first attempt might fail due to one reason or another, just try again.

2. Glo is having issue with the offer at the moment, but things might have gotten better before you see this.

3. MTN is working smoothly.

NOTE: This airtime is normal airtime and it will be credited to account balance as if you load an airtime, so it can be used for anything and if you always receive a bonus or data when you load a recharge card, you will also receive all entitlement with the airtime that will be credited to your account.
That's all! Don't say it's small, at least half bread is better than none.

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  1. I got a message "service unavailable try again", I tried again and i was told I've perform the survey...What is the next step?

    1. This means that you have previously answered the question, and you cannot answer It twice.

  2. I got a message let wire you #50 over 10minutes ago and am yet to see anything

    1. You should have received the Airtime by now.

  3. I dialed it on my Airtel sim i got a reply "network is experiencing technical problems" when i tried it again it showed me that i had already performed the survey.while i had not.
    What do I do


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